Air Pacific Becomes Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways

Fiji’s international airline and flag carrier, Air Pacific, is being officially rebranded as Fiji Airways. This comes as the company takes delivery of three wide-bodied Airbus 330-200 aircraft purchased to provide flights to Fiji along the carrier’s South Pacific routes. The new planes, powered by fuel efficient, low carbon emission Rolls Royce engines and with cutting edge design and services in the main cabins, will replace the airline’s older Boeing 747-400s which are to be phased out by the end of 2013. The fresh tapa-style livery reflects the natural tones of Fiji and the A330s are intended to become flying billboards for Fiji.

Air Pacific was founded in 1951 as Fiji Airways by Harold Gatty, an Australian aviator who set a record with American Willy Post in 1931 by flying around the world in eight days. In 1972, the airline was reorganized as a regional carrier and the name changed to Air Pacific. From 2013 it will be Fiji Airways once again. Qantas owns a major stake in the carrier and handles their bookings in many parts of the world. If you book a Qantas flight to Fiji, you’ll actually fly Fiji Airways.

Fiji Airways operates to Fiji from Apia, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Funafuti, Hong Kong, Honiara, Honolulu, Kiritimati, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Port Vila, Sydney, Tarawa, and Tongatapu. They have up to 17 cheap flights to Fiji from Sydney a week and eight from Los Angeles. Within Fiji, a subsidiary, Pacific Sun, serves 10 domestic airports. By flying Fiji Airways you experience the friendliness of Fiji from the moment you board the plane.