Air Pacific to Samoa

The Fijian carrier Air Pacific will begin flying between Honolulu, Hawai, and Apia, Samoa, on September 11, 2009. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft used on the new weekly service will carry on from Apia to Nadi, Fiji. This will bring the total number of Air Pacific flights between Samoa and Fiji up to three a week as the airline already flies between Apia and Nadi twice a week. A direct Air Pacific flight from Honolulu to Nadi operates weekly. Samoa has been without a direct flight to/from Hawaii since 2005 when Polynesian Airlines dropped most of its international routes. Until now the only direct service between North America and independent Samoa has been the heavily subsidized Air New Zealand flight from Los Angeles to Apia and the shortest route between Honolulu and Apia has been via Pago Pago (which enjoys direct flights from Honolulu on Hawaiian Airlines). From September, Hawaii residents will have the possibility of visiting both Samoa and Fiji on one carrier.

Teine Mai Sisifo says:

0mg! i’m s0000000 HAPPy that we’re FiNALLy* g0nna have a straight flight t0 Western Samoa! THANK y0U S0000 MUCH t0 wh0m it may c0ncern. may g0d be with y0u & g0d bless the airlinez.

–the MAUGA* family fr0m the *685*

ema says:

Faafetai tele lava thanks a million. now we really can plan our trip without all the extra airlines to search. Finally better late than never.

Ale family from Waianae.

shooby says:

Thanks a million, pacific air. Here in the territory, we need another airline that can eliminate the high cost of traveling. Also, the Honolulu-Apia route will better serve tourism and most especially the constant travelers such as people visiting families and students that wish to join families during the holidays. Faafetai tele and help keep us away from poverty.