Central Asia Bound

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving on a one-month trip to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. I may also visit Tajikistan if Tajik visas are available in Bishkek or Almaty. I was last in the region in 1987 when I flew Interflug from East Berlin to Uzbekistan and I enjoyed touring Bukhara and Samarkand. Before that I crossed into Afghanistan over the Khyber Pass in September 1978 and spent several weeks traveling around the country. I was almost shot when I climbed a hill in central Kabul for the view and came unexpectedly upon a large military camp. That was before the real trouble began in the country and the guards just pointed me back down the hill. It’s unlikely I’d survive a similar incident today.

While on the road I won’t be posting on this blog but you can follow me on my gonanaimo Twitter page as I’ll be sending out tweets whenever I have internet access. Otherwise, talk to you again here  in mid-July.

Maureen Lopez says:

Ya I know the conditions are not favorable in Central Asia. There are many restrictions made by military people on the civilians. You had a last trip in 1987 which was stopped by the guards and you were pointed back down the hill. Hope you have a good time in this trip. Take Care