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Cook Islands Dancers

Cook Islands Dancers

The Cook Islands chapter from Moon Handbooks South Pacific is now online at I updated the information during a visit to Rarotonga after the 2004 edition was published, so what’s on the web is more up to date than what’s in the printed book. The 125 pages of my Cook Islands Travel Guide contain 15 detailed island maps and town plans, plus dozens of photos and line drawings. Many of the pictures are from my most recent trip while others appeared in previous editions of my guidebook.

The material has been specially adapted for the internet and I removed guidebook-style details such as telephone and fax numbers which can be easily checked online. The accommodations listings are grouped according to price with six pages devoted to Rarotonga and four for Aitutaki, organized geographically. There are clear maps of Aitutaki Atoll, Aitutaki Island, Arutanga, Atiu, Avarua, Mangaia, Manihiki, Manuae, Mauke, Mitiaro, Penrhyn, Pukapuka, Rarotonga, Suwarrrow, and the Cook Islands.

Navigation is easy with top and side menus, plus a full site map. Many of the maps are clickable to more detailed maps and the highlight pages are linked directly to specific references. A search box is also provided. These features make the site as easy or easier to use than a printed book. This is the seventh of the 15 chapters from Moon Handbooks South Pacific to go online, after the Samoas, Niue, Pitcairn, Tokelau, and Wallis and Futuna. I hope you find it useful.

Sunshine Coast Accommodations says:

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and the website is also very useful for the information seekers.
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Slow Cooker Guy says:

Very nice. Printed books are great, but the site looks good and is more functional (imho).

I do like Moon’s travel guides as well. Good info there.