Do Not Ever Whisper

Don't Ever Whisper Don’t Ever Whisper is a newly published biography of Darlene Keju, a longtime Marshall Islands activist on nuclear issues. Keju grew up on islands downwind of the 67 US nuclear tests at Bikini and Enewetak in the Marshall Islands, and later in life championed the cause of nuclear test survivors on her islands. The book focuses heavily on this, as well as recently declassified US nuclear test-era documents that help document a more than 50-year cover up by the US government of the extent of fallout contamination from its tests in the Marshall Islands. The book also narrates Darlene’s establishment of the Youth to Youth in Health program to promote family planning and adolescent health services, a non-profit group that was recognized as a model program for the Pacific region. The book’s author is veteran Marshall Islands journalist Giff Johnson, who also happens to be Darlene Keju’s partner. Don’t Ever Whisper is essential reading for anyone interested in hearing the inside story of 20th century US nuclear imperialism in Micronesia.