Easter Island Travel Guide

easterguide230My Easter Island Travel Guide is now online, the eighth chapter from Moon Handbooks South Pacific to be posted on SouthPacific.org. Many of the photos and drawings on the 39-page site have never been published before and the maps of Easter Island and Hanga Roa were updated. Accommodations are broken down into four categories by price and there are six pages on Easter Island’s history. The Hiking Guide to Easter Island outlines the best walks on the island with practical tips on how to get started. Top and side navigation plus a sitemap make finding your way around the guide very easy. A new edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific will not be forthcoming and the Easter Island chapter formerly included in Moon Tahiti is no longer there. But now my Easter Island material has found a second life online!

Ron Mader says:

What do you make of the recent airport closure. Do locals on Easter Island want tourists?

OurExplorer Sightseeing Tours says:

Sounds like very useful information to prepare a trip to Easter Island. Internet has improved the way travelers search and find information. Meanwhile, it is also worth meeting local guides to have deeper understanding while there.

Easter Island says:

Easter Island, Chile is famous for carved stone faces from 1250 – 1500 AD. Polynesian tribe creators came from Pacific Ocean. From Anthropological & archeological perspective it has more hidden treasures than visible. Adventure sports fan can also enjoy mountain biking, trekking, scuba diving, snorkeling & horse riding.