Emailing the South Pacific

telephone cardMany tourism-related businesses in the South Pacific have email addresses, which makes communicating with them from abroad a lot cheaper and easier than it was.

Websites and email addresses based in the islands are often recognizable by their country codes: American Samoa (as), the Cook Islands (ck), Fiji (fj), French Polynesia (pf), New Caledonia (nc), Niue (nu), Pitcairn (pn), Samoa (ws), Solomon Islands (sb), Tokelau (tk), Tonga (to), Tuvalu (tv), Vanuatu (vu), and Wallis and Futuna (wf). Some countries have made a profitable business out of selling website domain names using these codes.

When sending email to the islands never include a large attached file (such as photos) with your message unless it has been specifically requested as the recipient may have to pay US$1 a minute in long distance telephone charges to download it. It’s probably better not to email any attached files to the islands at all as the recipient may not have the latest virus scanning program and your message may be deleted unread.

Internet cafes on many islands now allow you to check your web-based email. In French Polynesia the computers usually have French keyboards, which vary slightly from English keyboards leading to annoying typing problems. Ask the operator if they have a machine with an English keyboard or to explain the quirks of the French keyboard.