Guide to Travel Writing

Travel Writing 2.0

Anyone looking to become a travel writer will find plenty of books and articles on the subject in print. The problem is, nearly all of them are becoming as fossilized as the print media world they cover. Travel Writing 2.0 is a book for the here and now, with advice for succeeding in a media landscape turned upside down.

Containing tips on the multiple paths available to writers who want to earn money from their travels, this new book also contains advice from more than 65 other working writers, editors, and publishers. Full-time bloggers, e-book-only authors, and webzine publishers are joined by successful writers still making a good living from magazines and guidebooks.

“Unlike past books for travel writers, this is a handbook for the business and marketing side of this pursuit—with clear advice on how to actually make money from travel writing in the switchover to digital media,” says Tim Leffel, author of the book. “Those writers seeing the most success in the current climate are those who are adapting the best and forging their own path. Travel Writing 2.0 provides the map on how to get there.”

Published by Splinter Press, Travel Writing 2.0 became available in August 2010 from all major online retailers and at See more at the Travel Writing 2.0 blog.