Me Lukim Iu Bukim

Me Look You Book

Whether used to save money or time, offers would-be travelers a service that is unique: personal and independent advice on the cheapest flights available. Instead of an automated website scanning for available flights, two entrepreneurs from the Netherlands personally search for the best deals available. According to its South Pacific-savvy founders, Wouter Adamse and Andre Gussekloo, finding the best deals is an ever-growing challenge. Fueled by a jumble of flight agents, airlines, alternative airports, and increasing passenger tax, this service is designed to create order from chaos.

After careful research, travellers are provided a list of the cheapest flights to their desired destination. This may include a combination of two airlines and a stopover at a small airport. “Anything goes if you’re trying to save money,” comments Wouter.

The website’s name is a hint at the Solomon Islands where the two entrepreneurs first met. “When toying around with a name for our business, we liked the Solomon Islands’ Pidgin explanation of our activity: me lukim, iu bukim. We adapted this phrase to a more understandable one for the non-Solomon market, hence the name Melookyoubook”.