New Caledonia Travel Guide

newcaledonia230I’ve just uploaded an updated and revised New Caledonia Travel Guide based on material taken from the 8th edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific. The site includes 98 pages covering Noumea, Grande Terre, Isle of Pines, and the Loyalty Islands, plus an introduction and travel facts. The eight maps are of New Caledonia, Noumea, North Province, South Province, Isle of Pines, Mare, Lifou, and Ouvea. A number of charts, photos, and illustrations also appear. The whole site is linked together intuitively for easy navigation and even the maps are clickable.

There are very few travel guides to New Caledonia available in any language. Currently, the most useful guide in English is the one published by Lonely Planet which also includes Vanuatu. Lonely Planet’s coverage of travel around the territory is quite good but their sanitized background sections gloss over the various misdeeds of French colonialism and hopefully my site will help fill in a few of the holes. There isn’t much about New Caledonia on the web either. For some reason’s skimpy one-page guide ranks first on Google, followed by Lonely Planet. comes third.

New Caledonia is the 11th South Pacific country or territory to have its own complete travel guide on It’s a lot of work to revise this material and reformat it for the web. No one is paying me to do it so I only work on the site in my spare time when the mood grabs me. As a reader, you can help out by sending in updates on anything you see on the site. Just use the “Contact Us” buttons at the top and bottom of the pages. I reply personally to all legitimate emails and promise to implement any necessary changes at the first opportunity. I hope you find my New Caledonia Travel Guide useful!