New Edition of Moon Tahiti

Moon TahitiThe 7th edition of Moon Tahiti will be published by Avalon Travel Publishing of Berkeley, California, on January 25, 2011. Everything was updated and revised, and there are plenty of new photos. The color section at the front of the book has been expanded to 24 pages with four suggested itineraries and three travel strategies. There’s a lot more on planning your trip with little Must See and Top Pick codes peppered through the text. The 106 pages of reference material are tucked unobstrusively into the back of the book.

Packed into Moon Tahiti’s 353 indexed pages are 53 maps and 122 photos. As always, the maps are clearly labeled without the confusing legends and keys which make other guidebooks hard to use. There are five maps of Tahiti, four of Moorea, and eight of the Leeward Islands.

Those who have used previous editions of my guidebooks will know that I travel incognito and don’t accept freebies. With no favors to repay, the listings can remain clean and factual. There’s lots of information unavailable in the free brochures or on commercial websites. Whenever possible, I’ve included internet addresses and emails to make it easy to reserve.

When you consider the high cost of a Tahitian vacation, it doesn’t take long to save back the guidebook’s US$19.95 price. Copies can be ordered online at a discount or ask your local bookseller to find Moon Tahiti (ISBN 1598807382 or 9781598807387) in their system. After you’ve used the book, I’ll be interested to hear what you think. Just click the Contact Us button at the top of this page to send an email straight to my computer.