One Million Pages Viewed

Three years ago I began posting the full texts of earlier editions of my guidebooks on Google Books. Eleven editions of my South Pacific travel guides are now online, including the 8th edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific. There are five editions of Moon Handbooks Fiji, three of Moon Handbooks South Pacific, and two of Moon Handbooks Tahiti with a third coming soon. The 1st and only edition of Tonga-Samoa Handbook is also there.

Google Books users can easily search inside a book, view the table of contents, and skip to a certain page. They can view the pages as single pages, two pages, thumbnails, or full screen. What they can’t do is copy or download material as these books are protected by copyright laws. However, “Get this book” links make it easy to purchase used or new copies.

Since 2008 over one million pages of my books have been viewed on Google Books by a total of 90,000 people. I decided to make the earlier editions of my guidebooks freely available to everyone on the internet in the hope they might like what they ses and order the lastest editions of Moon Fiji and Moon Tahiti, which are not available online. Material on Google Books appears on Google search results pages, providing users with an excellent resource when researching remote Pacific islands.