Royal Davui Fiji

Moon FijiSeveral years ago I reported on this blog that the Royal Davui Fiji in the Beqa Lagoon off southern Viti Levu had won the 2005 AON Fiji Excellence In Tourism Award in the “Accommodation Boutique” category. To stay at this five-star, 16-unit luxury resort costs upwards of US$940 single or double including meals, plus a stiff US$510 for the 15-kilometer launch transfer from the mainland. Frankly, I can’t see paying outlandish prices of this kind, but I suppose the Royal Davui does have its clientele. Or at least it did.

The current economic recession seems to be biting hard at the top end of the market because the Royal Davui’s owner, Grahame Southwick, who also owns Fiji Fish Marketing Group Limited, is trying to unload his resort for a cool $25 million. Permanent residency in Fiji would come with an investment of this size, but it’s all absurdly overpriced, if you ask me.

Werner Schmidt says:

I would not trust the Vladi Private Islands website. They list islands in the maldives for sale when it is illegal for foreigners to own islands there.