Samoa Travel Guide

Samoan Dancers, ApiaWe’ve just posted the sixth chapter from Moon Handbooks South Pacific on I revisited Samoa soon after the 2004 edition was published and have updated the published text based on that visit. If you see anything there which no longer applies, please let me know by using the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page.

This 103-page resource is currently the most complete guide to the islands of Upolu, Savai’i, and Manono available online. I’ve included many drawings and photos from my personal collection, plus updated guidebook maps of Apia and Environs, Central Apia, Lake Lanoto’o, Letolo Plantation, Manono, Salelologa, Samoa, Savai’i, and Upolu.

We’ve pushed to get the Samoa site online now because the American TV network CBS has just announced that the 19th season of the popular reality television series Survivor will be filmed in Samoa from late June to mid-August 2009. Lots of people will be looking for information about Samoa and should help provide it. Millions will watch the Survivor series next fall.

My longterm plan is to post all 15 chapters from Moon Handbooks South Pacific on but it’s a tremendous job involving hundreds of hours of work for both myself and my webmaster. We’ve started with the smaller chapters first: American Samoa, Niue, Pitcairn, Tokelau, and Wallis and Futuna are already accessible via the links under The Pacific at the top of this page. With Samoa complete, that leaves another nine chapters to go. Updating and formatting the chapters on larger countries like Fiji, French Polynesia, and Solomon Islands is going to be a challenge, so you may not see them here for another year. Meanwhile, I hope you find our Samoa Travel Guide useful.