South Pacific Movies

The StonecutterWe’ve just added several new movies to our South Pacific Films page. His Majesty O’Keefe starring Burt Lancaster and Joan Rice tells of an American sea captain who tries to muscle in on the copra trade on the Micronesian island of Yap. Interestingly, His Majesty O’Keefe was shot on location in Fiji at Pacific Harbor and Suva, so watch for Cumming Street and the Grand Pacific Hotel if you see the film. Nate and Hayes, also titled Savage Islands, was also filmed at Pacific Harbor. It’s about 19th century labor recruiter Bully Hayes, and stars Tommy Lee Jones. The most recent Hollywood film to be shot at Pacific Harbor is Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid.

One of my all time favourite South Pacific films is The Stonecutter based on a wonderful legend about a “poor but not very poor” stonecutter who receives seven magical sounds from a mysterious girl in white. The moral is, enjoy life and be happy with what you have. It was filmed on Moorea and Tetiaroa, French Polynesia, with a mostly Polynesian cast. Samoan Wedding is a fun film about four Samoan guys in Auckland, New Zealand, who have only one month before Sione’s wedding to find women willing to marry them.

We’ve also added several recent South Pacific travelogues to the page, such as Easter Island Underworld released by National Geographic in 2010. If caving isn’t your thing, there are other travel films about sailing, diving, and plain old sightseeing. One slightly risqué video documents a nudist cruise around French Polynesia. In all, 42 films are on the page with DVD covers provided. If you live in Europe or Australia which use different DVD codes than North America, there are links to online order outlets in those countries which can provide the format you need. Check it out at South Pacific Films.