Tahiti Travel Notes

Moon Tahiti

Ina Lejins of Coconut Island Travel sent me those notes on the 7th edition of Moon Tahiti:

Discover Tahiti and French Polynesia (page 2): Relax, smile, and say bonjour to strangers. Bonjour is recommended but a plus is to greet in the native language, ” Ia Orana!”

Monoi Oil (page 87): Monoi oil, beautifully scented and locally made, works wonders against those tiny and annoying insects. Slather it on and they ‘bounce’ off!  Monoi oil can also be found with Deet added for those that want extra protection.

Lycee Professionnel Agricole, Moorea (page 92): The Lycee Agricole serves the most wonderful ice cream and jams made from fruit and flowers grown on this farm. How about tiare gardenia ice cream ~ a favorite!

Public Transportation, Moorea (page 118-119): Regarding the bus schedule, perhaps a better word would be ‘service’.  While buses sometimes follow the passenger ferry schedule, they of course are independent, and can be found waiting in the ferry parking lot between ferries instead of driving their route. They also don’t necessarily circle the island but travel midway and return along the same route so occasionally one side of the island is unserviced. I’ve heard stories of travelers left stranded!  (Simply the way of island life that I find charming.)

Accommodations, Huahini (page 138): Villa Bougainville has two private houses which are very clean and lovely. They also include a car, boat, private dock, TV, pool, and hot water. So many goodies to mention!

Shopping, Bora Bora (page 159): Gallerie Alain et Linda, half way between Viare and Matira, sells lovely local art and hand painted pareus.

Accommodations, Rangiroa (page 199): Chez Punua et Moana (tel 96-84-73) is now located in Lagon Vert. The three inexpensive bungalows are on the lagoon and all meals are served and enjoyed in an open air dining area. There is no store or restaurants so come prepared with your own supplies and bring your own bottle (BYOB). Airport pickups and boat transfers across the lagoon are included. Kayaks are available for use at no charge. A fabulous Robinson Crusoe experience!

Environmental Issues (page 253): Fertilizers from golf courses seem to have an effect on the size and number of crown of thorns starfish which eat coral at alarming rates. Coupled with the pesticide runoff from golf courses into bays and lagoons, these factors are damaging the fragile sea life.

What to Take (page 321): Take copies of prescriptions for contact lenses and eyeglasses. Bring any eye care solutions - they are not easily found in the islands, if at all.