Tonga Travel Guide Online

Tonga Travel GuideI’ve just uploaded my new 125-page Tonga Travel Guide based on the Kingdom of Tonga chapter in the 8th edition of Moon Handbooks South Pacific. I’ve been back to Tonga since that book was published and have updated the information as best I could with the help of local correspondents. Updating the Nuku’alofa chapter was a challenge as many businesses were destroyed during the pro-democracy rioting of 2006 and the Government page had to be thoroughly revamped in light of the 2010 election of Tonga’s first democratic parliament.

The 11 maps on the site were redrawn from the digital map files used in the printed guidebook. In Nuku’alofa, a lot had to be changed as hotels like the destroyed Pacific Royale Hotel were removed and new properties such as Loumaile Lodge were added. The ‘Eua map was greatly improved following my recent visit and I made a lot of changes on the Tongatapu and Neiafu maps as well. Over a hundred photos and illustrations from the book or my personal collection are also on the site.

Happily, this new website coincides with the launch of an all new guidebook to Tonga, researched and written by American Peace Corps volunteers. Tonga (Other Places Travel Guide) is sold via,, and links throughout the site.

Tonga is 10th in the series of complete country guides on and we hope to create similar guides for the five remaining destinations in Moon Handbooks South Pacific in due course. Meanwhile, I hope you find the Tonga Travel Guide useful!