Volcanic Earth

Volcanic EarthAt last, the natural skin care secrets of the ancient Melanesians are being revealed by Volcanic Earth. The organic healing products available from this Vanuatu company contain no harmful chemicals, toxins, artificial preservatives, or synthetic colorings. Their amazing wild harvest Tamanu Oil combines the cleansing properties of virgin coconut oil and volcanic pumice with the natural fragrances of frangipani, vanilla, and sandalwood. This precious oil not only promotes anti-aging but also treats acne, scars, skin blemishes, age or sun spots, sunburn, and many other skin conditions. In Vanuatu it’s called Green Gold. Other lines include Unpredictable for women, Eruptable for men, Wild Ginger Lily, and CocoVan (coconut oil and vanilla). Thanks to the global reach of online marketing, the curative and regenerative remedies of traditional Melanesian medicine are now available to the world. For more information, go to Volcanic Earth.