Voyages of Malolo

Voyages of MaloloThe Kindle edition of a new historical novel by Arizona writer Robert Bonville has been released by Voyages of Malolo: Secret of the Rongo chronicles the exploits of ancient Polynesian mariners as they seek to unravel the meaning of strange markings on piece of wood which drifts ashore on their western Pacific island. Intrigued by the origin and significance of the carvings, the islanders build a majestic twin-hull ocean-going canoe they name Malolo (“flying fish” in Hawaiian), and following signs from the gods, they set sail for Rapa Nui far to the east.

The canoe’s master Auka’i and his crew of thirteen point their vessel into the rising sun without knowing where the journey will take them. Their mission is to learn the meaning of the mysterious wooden tablet they call Rongo. Voyages of Malolo is an epic adventure story punctuated by discoveries, dangers, survival, wonders, disease, brotherhood, loyalty, savagery, and love. In the book, historical notes combine with Polynesian legend and myth to narrate the exploits of these intrepid people who lived half a millennium before Columbus. You feel there’s nothing there that couldn’t really have happened.

In his youth, author Robert Bonville lived in Hawaii where he fell under the spell of the “Spirit of Aloha”. Later in life, on a mission to Antarctica aboard a US Coast Guard icebreaker, the emotion returned as Bonville’s ship called at many South Pacific islands. Back in Hawaii, Bonville was again struck by the island’s spirit of welcome, peace, love, and family. “My love for the Polynesian people climaxed as I researched and wrote this book,” Bonville said.“My goal has been to educate and entertain those who know, love, and live this culture.”