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1st edition, 1989

The 1st edition of Tahiti-Polynesia Handbook grew out of the 4th edition of South Pacific Handbook, although the photos and drawings were different. An ad in the backmatter read "Stop French Nuclear Tests in the Pacific," a subject well covered in the guide. Published in Chico, California, in 1989.

2nd edition, 1992

The 2nd edition was similar to the 1st. The page count declined from 224 pages to 214 because the publisher decided not to count the frontmatter. Anthropologist Bengt Danielsson's foreword was carried over and there was continuing coverage of the French nuclear tests. Published in Chico, California, in 1992.

3rd edition, 1996

The 3rd edition appeared just as the French tests were culminating and a drawing by Bobby Holcomb with the caption "Non a la Bombe en Polynesie" appeared in the frontmatter. As in the 1st edition, the red-and-white cover employed the colors of the Tahitian flag. Published in Chico, California, in 1996.

4th edition, 1999

The 4th edition of Tahiti Handbook jumped from 243 pages in the 3rd edition to 435 pages. This was largely due to the inclusion of Easter Island and the Cook Islands. All of the maps were computer drawn and printed in two colors. Internet information was provided. Published in Chico, California, in 1999.

5th edition, 2004

The 5th edition of Moon Handbooks Tahiti: Including the Cook Islands built on the success of the 4th edition. The Marquesas Islands and Easter Island chapters were reresearched and five new maps were added. The layout was revamped in a more modern style. Published in Emeryville, California, in 2003.

6th edition, 2007

The 6th edition of Moon Tahiti was redesigned with most of the introductory material moved to Background, Essentials, and Resources chapters at the back of the book. Highlight symbols were added to the maps and text. New maps of Fakarava, Hakahau, Hauru, and Tikehau were created. Published in Emeryville, California, in 2007.

7th edition, 2011

The 7th edition of Moon Tahiti contains more photography than ever before, including a 24-page color section at the front of the book. The road tested approach of previous editions was continued here with extensive updates to transportation and places to stay. Published in Berkeley, California, in 2011.

German and Italian translations:

German, 1993German, 1995German, 2000

German, 19931st edition, 1999

The 1st edition of Tonga-Samoa Handbook includes Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa, and Niue, four destinations compared to the one or two found in other guides. The maps are computer drawn, internet information is provided, and virtually all accommodations are reviewed. Now out of print, it was just what you needed for a trip around Western Polynesia. Published in Emeryville, California, in 1999.