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Micronesia, 1985

The 1st edition of Micronesia Handbook reflected that few travelers visit Micronesia and the South Pacific on a single trip. The subtitle "Guide to an American Lake" referred to a political process underway in Micronesia at the time. Published in Chico, California, in 1985.

Micronesia, 1989

The 2nd edition bore a new subtitle "Guide to the Caroline, Gilbert, Mariana, and Marshall Islands". The book grew from 238 to 287 pages as a result of greatly increased coverage of upscale accommodations. Published in Chico, California, in 1989.

Micronesia, 1992

The 3rd edition reached 342 pages after an extensive research trip. This was the last edition of Micronesia Handbook written by David Stanley and Neil Levy took over as sole author in 1997. Published in Chico, California, in 1992.

Micronesia, German 1987

Since 1982 Verlag Gisela E Walther of Bremen, Germany, has translated most of David Stanley's books. The 1987 edition of Mikronesien Handbuch is one of the only German travel guides to Micronesia ever published. In 2002, the company became a travel agency and the publishing side was discontinued.


Alaska-Yukon, 1983

The 1st edition of Alaska-Yukon Handbook was the original backpackers travel guide to the Inside Passage from Seattle to Alaska. Though the book was well received, it proved expensive and time consuming to research. Subsequent editions were written by Deke Castleman and Don Pitcher. Published in Chico, California, in 1983.

Maritimes, 2002

The 1st edition of Canada's Maritime Provinces covers New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. Alaska-Yukon was published by Moon Publications but Maritime Provinces is from Lonely Planet. Stanley also updated the Maritimes chapters in the 8th edition of Lonely Planet Canada. Both books published in Australia in 2002.


Eastern Europe, 1989

The 1st edition of Eastern Europe on a Shoestring was Lonely Planet's first travel guide to Europe. It covered eight countries from Poland to Albania and comprised 195 maps and 665 pages. The book appeared six months before the fall of the Berlin Wall and for over a year it was the only guide to the region. Published in Australia in 1989.

Eastern Europe, 1991

The 2nd edition grew to 908 pages as everything was researched in greater depth. The fall of Communism was fully described and changing means of travel were outlined. The information provided was so detailed that it greatly facilitated the work of the authors of individual country guides to the region. Published in Australia in 1991.

Eastern Europe, 1995

The 3rd and last edition by David Stanley now included 12 countries instead of the original eight. Yugoslavia had split into five, Czechoslovakia into two, and East Germany disappeared altogether. Subsequent editions have been updated by other authors but much of Stanley's original material remains. Published in Australia in 1995.

Cuba, 1997

The 1st edition of Lonely Planet Cuba followed Stanley's work on Eastern Europe. David had been a destination representative in Cuba during the 1970s, and when the opportunity arose to write a travel guide to the country, he accepted. The book was soon translated into French and Italian. Published in Australia in 1997.

Cuba, 2000

The 2nd edition of Cuba elaborated on the 1st, growing from 396 to 526 pages. Stanley made six trips to Cuba to research the book, visiting remote areas missed previously. This edition was the definitive guide to Cuba and has been translated into half a dozen languages. Published in Australia in 2000.

Havana, 2001

The 1st edition of Havana is co-authored by Scott Doggett and David Stanley. Scott updated Stanley's texts from Cuba and a color map section was added. Published in Australia in 2001.

Some foreign translations of these books:

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