Calendar of Events: JANUARY to JUNE

AS American Samoa
CK Cook Islands
CL Easter Island
FJ Fiji
NC New Caledonia

NU Niue
PF French Polynesia
PN Pitcairn
SB Solomon Islands
TK Tokelau

TO Tonga
TV Tuvalu
VU Vanuatu
WF Wallis and Futuna
WS Samoa


January 1 New Year's Day public holiday all countries
January 2 Commission Day public holiday NU
January 2 Second New Year's Day public holiday WS
first week of January Prayer Week and Takai Week events NU
first Monday in January Head of State's Birthday public holiday WS
January 23 Bounty Day event PT
third Monday in January Martin Luther King Day public holiday AS
late January or early February Tapati Rapa Nui festival CL
January or February Chinese New Year event PF
February (to top)  
February Tahiti Nui Marathon sporting event PF
February 6 Waitangi Day public holiday NU
February 15 Jon Frum Festival festival VU
February 21 Father Walter Lini Day public holiday VU
third Monday in February Presidents' Day public holiday AS
March (to top)  
March/April Good Friday public holiday all but NC, WF
March/April Easter Monday public holiday all but CL
March 5 Custom Chiefs Day public holiday VU
March 5 Gospel Day public holiday PF
second Monday in March Commonwealth Day public holiday TV
mid-March Festival of the Yam festival NC
April (to top)  
April 17 Flag Day public holiday AS
April 23 Funafuti Bomb Day event TV
April 25 ANZAC Day public holiday CK, NU, TO
April 28 St. Pierre Chanel Day event WF
late April Dancer of the Year Competition event CK
April and May Pentecost Land Dive event VU
May (to top)  
May International Triathlon sporting event FJ
May Gotcha Tahiti Surfing Pro sporting event PF
May Red Cross Week event TO
early May National Tourism Week festival AS
a Thursday in May Ascension Day public holiday NC, PF, VU, WF
a Monday in May or June Pentecost or Whitmonday public holiday NC, PF, SB, WF
May 1 May Day public holiday CL, NC, PF, VU, WF
first week of May Vava'u Festival festival TO
May 8 1945 Victory Day public holiday NC, PF
May 14 Mu'a Day event WF
second Sunday in May White Sunday public holiday NU
second Monday in May Gospel Day public holiday TV
a Monday in mid-May Mothers of Samoa Day public holiday WS
third Sunday in May Triathlon sport event NC
May 21 Battle of Iquique Day public holiday CL
a Monday around May 29 Ratu Sukuna Day public holiday FJ
last Monday in May Memorial Day public holiday AS
June (to top)  
June Corpus Christi public holiday CL
June International Bula Marathon sporting event FJ
June 1, 2 Independence Celebrations festival WS
June 4 Emancipation Day public holiday TO
June 4 Ha'apai Festival festival TO
June 5 World Environment Day event PF
Friday or Monday around June 14 Queen Elizabeth's Birthday public holiday CK, FJ, NU, SB, TV
June 29 Hihifo Day event WF
June 29 Internal Autonomy Day public holiday PF
June 29 Saints Peter and Paul Day public holiday CL
late June National Music Association Festival event TO
end of June President's Cup Yacht Series sporting event FJ